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Take a deep breath and enjoy the unique perspectives and places that technology is taking us.

"It's easier now, for sure. You not only have excellent APIs for graphics, sound, etc. but there are far better tools to make games with. In addition, there are now amazing game engines you can use to do all the hard work."

Future project managers will work on a virtual basis that enables them to better focus on what matters as well as to monitor and control operational risks mindfully. The picture below shall illustrate the business-related processes behind a financial instrument (for instance, as used by hedge funds).

We seek out instant gratification because we're naturally inclined to do so, and now major brands are looking for ways to give it to consumers.


Our strictly controlled airspace will soon become a society in the sky. Much like Star Wars, there is already a battle between the good and the evil, as the feds and the states try to police and regulate drones.

Executives from industries across ecommerce, payments, security, hospitality and more share their predictions for the future of their markets.

Some of us are a little more dedicated than others when it comes to digging up juicy digital dirt. Gird thy privacy settings, people, because it's about to get weird.

The White House reached out to me to ask if there was a way we could get some of the celebrities or tech companies who were part of our video to do something together with the White House around computer science.

There's been a clear movement toward cable cutting, and the data says that people dropping their cable subscription will only accelerate in 2016.

Justin Sullivan via Getty Images

Economics is economics, and no matter how well-intentioned, Larry Page and Sergey Brin's brainchild has not only succumbed to the realities of a dog-eat-dog world, in many ways it's become the alpha male.

Paul Bradbury via Getty Images

Coding - it's a scary word. In fact, it's so scary that those of elder generation look with awe upon those who do it for a living. I am no expert on coding to be sure. This guide is for beginners or small business owners who have limited time and budget to develop an online presence.

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How do i add to the top of my blog sections 3 ex-Home Photes Videos News e.t.c

First, go to your Weblogs>Design>Content and then click on the pencil icon of your Blog footer. Then switch to advance. af(MORE?)

Where do tech blogs, and websites, such as wired, gizmodo and technorati get their wealth of news from? | Yahoo Answers

Tech companies *want* Wired, Gizmodo, and other media sources to have that information and are more than happy to share press releases. Contact the PR people at the tech companies you want to have up-to-date information on and they'll gladly spam you with e-mail blasts.
Also, they have tipsters, and reporters scouring the net and the real world.

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