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David D. Perlmutter, Ph.D.

Dean's Note

Dear CoMC Friends:

Dean David D. Perlmutter, Ph.D.

Last month I described how enrollment and class hours for our students jumped sharply this fall. This month you will meet some of the people behind the undergraduate chapter of our success. If you are driving the roadways of Texas, New Mexico or Colorado, or stopping by a high school parking lot, keep an eye out for the “Masked Communicator” – the signature, blinged-up Nissan Armada of our college, kindly lent to us by McGavock Nissan.

At the helm will be Emily Balke (BA public relations, 2011), our senior recruiter, and Candace Trevino (BA public relations, 2014), our recruiter. They are truly a dynamic duo, traveling some 12, 000 miles this year presenting about CoMC and TTU at high schools as well as recruiting fairs and high school competitions (like ones in debate) that we have sponsored.

They represent a vastly increased, reorganized and improved recruiting effort by the college. For example, they visited more high schools in January 2015 than they did in all of 2014. Trevino has been working for us for only a year; her hire was an investment in our college by TTU President M. Duane Nellis.

Adam TestermanTheir recruiting message is one that resonates with high schoolers, guidance counselors and parents alike: TTU is a big university with a small community feel and personal attention.

CoMC trains students for thousands of careers – in the business world, government and non-profits – many of which are new or have not been invented yet. Our alumni, from the recently graduated to those 50 years out, are versatile and able to nimbly pursue new ventures, whatever happens to the economy or technologies.

Balke and Trevino are the perfect spokespeople for us, often joined with other staff and faculty. Whenever they return from a trip, they talk about how grateful the folks are at high schools, from Denver to Houston to all the smaller towns in between, that TTU wants to get to know them and their students’ interests, needs and aspirations.

So look for them on the road and honk your approval to our amazing team.

Best Wishes,

David D. Perlmutter, Ph.D.
Professor and Dean

CoMC Debate Team Launches Record-Breaking Season with New Director of Forensics

Adam Testerman - Director of Forensics

The Texas Tech Debate Team, housed in the College of Media & Communication, started the 2015-16 season by breaking university records with the help of a new director of forensics.

Fall 2015 debate teamAdam Testerman (BA communication studies, 2012) returned to Texas Tech to work as the director of forensics in July, after earning a master’s in communication studies from Portland State University in May.

“I have been debating for a long time, ” Testerman said. “I started my freshman year of high school, and I’ve been involved in some capacity ever since.”

Originally from Springfield, Missouri, Testerman was recruited to the debate team at Texas Tech as an undergraduate student. He helped the team win its second national championship and was the first Texas Tech student to be named the top individual debater in the country at the National Parliamentary Tournament of Excellence in 2010.

Texas Tech’s debate team competes in parliamentary style, which Testerman said he enjoys because it presents the contestants with a unique challenge and requires them to think on their feet.

“It’s a really unique style because the topic changes every single debate round, ” Testerman said. “We get a topic and then have 20 minutes to prepare for it, so it’s a very intense way of doing it. It really brings in a lot of the elements that I think make debate great.”

Speaking to classroom at Explore AdvertisingCurrently, the teams has 13 members, and Testerman said that while anyone is welcome to join, being a member requires commitment, and the team’s schedule can be very demanding.

“Anyone who wants to figure out if it’s for them is encouraged to come hang out with us, ” Testerman said. “But we have fairly high standards for what it takes to remain a member of the team. There are a lot of expectations for tournament travel, for attending practices, and for researching material that needs to be produced every single week.”

The Debate Team

When it comes to his vision for the team, Testerman said it relies on two main things: hard work and utilizing university resources. He said he encourages students to take the information they learn in class and to find ways to apply it in a debate context.

“We expect to be the team that is ready for any kind of argument, and we expect to be the best researched team in the nation, ” Testerman said. “Other teams might beat us in an individual round, but no one gets to outwork us.”

Testerman said the debate team is one of the oldest programs on campus, and since the Department of Communication Studies merged with the College of Media & Communication, it has flourished with support from the administrative level.

The teams attended three tournaments during Fall 2015, and Testerman said he is very pleased with the results. At the first tournament, two teams made it to the top 16, and Texas Tech finished in fourth place, which Testerman noted is the best performance the team has had in at least 10 years.

At the second tournament, one team reached the final round, and Texas Tech won the award for top speaker after three of the team’s speakers reached the top 15. The third tournament of the season took the team to Lewis & Clark College, where Testerman was previously a debate coach.

Public Relations students taking a selfie Baron Batch speaking Mikaela Addison Mikaela Addison with Best Editing award
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