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Blog-Content-IdeasThanks to the Social Web, there is no shortage of possible topics for your nonprofit to blog about. From 10-paragraph editorials to 2-paragraph commentaries on breaking news, when you use the ideas given here, you should have no problem publishing the required minimum of one blog post per week (less than that and your blog starts to look abandoned). Still, understand that the content your nonprofit blog publishes, the higher your ROI.

That said, the the following is an excerpt from the Social Media for Social Good: A How-To Guide for Nonprofits. If your nonprofit has yet to start blogging or wants to improve your your blogging strategy, Nonprofit Tech 2.0 offers a 90-minute webinar on blogging on WordPress.

1. Share and Comment on Breaking News

One of the more effective ways to generate buzz for and traffic to your blog is to tap into the breaking news cycle. If a news story is breaking when you get to work in the morning, and it is related to your mission or your programs, write up a quick two-paragraph summary of or commentary about the breaking news story, add a link to the original source, and then distribute your blog post to your communities. People are much more responsive and likely to share your blog post if its subject matter is related to a breaking news story. Most nonprofits distribute the original source of the story to their communities (the New York Times, for example), but while that is generous, it does not help build the nonprofit’s brand recognition, e-newsletter list, or social networking communities; rather, it builds those of the . That said, you should be careful not to become a breaking news spammer by overusing this strategy, but you will discover that some of your most trafficked blog posts will be related to breaking news.

2. Post Calls to Action

Often tied to breaking news stories or internal developments at your organization, a blog post calling for action is often well received. A call to action can be an urgent donation pitch, a request to sign an online petition, or a call for volunteers. It’s amazing what your supporters will be willing and able to do for your nonprofit if you just ask.

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