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Louise Pillidge launches self-titled lifestyle blog

Blake Garvey and Louise Pillidge out and about in Perth.The Bachelor's Louise Pillidge has a new venture, her very own lifestyle blog.

LOUISE Pillidge’s new lifestyle blog crashed overnight, less than 24 hours after the self-proclaimed “lifestyle guru” launched her latest project.

The party planner and baking extraordinaire hit publish on her self-titled blog on Tuesday night, but it subsequently went down due to widespread attention. Anyone attempting to access the site was redirected to a ‘server temporarily unavailable’ landing page. The blog is finally back up and running.

The 27-year-old girlfriend of Blake Garvey, described as perfect housewife material by her fellow contestants on The Bachelor in 2014, appears to be trying to transform her image of the “other woman” with the wholesome blog, promising “a one stop destination for everything lifestyle”.

Offering a web hub of recipes, event planning hints and styling tips, Pillidge’s blog includes articles such as ‘8 Helpful Tips to Plan Your Big Day’ and ‘6 Tips for the Perfect Picnic’.

There’s also ‘How to Get Your Partner into The Kitchen’, featuring a few pics of Garvey himself preparing Burritos (with the help of an Old El Paso kit).

This might explain why it’s been a tad quiet on the Blake and Louise front of late.

The ‘about’ page of Pillidge’s blog reads: “An online guide where food and fashion meet, style, and celebration, is all things lovely and real for the everyday woman.

“This site is made to inspire and encourage with party planning guides, recipes, home decor inspiration and everything else from fitness, health and self-improvement.”

Here are five of the most stunning revelations featured on

• Eating Out — How to Choose: “Don’t ever feel that you have to finish your meal … you can do as I do, and ask your partner to finish the rest for you.”

• For the Perfect Picnic: “Set up your rug under a tree to give you shade if it is a hot day. Locate bathroom facilities.”

• To Plan Your Big Day: “Enjoy and relax, sometimes brides get caught up with all the drama and forget to cherish their special day.”

• For the Perfect Dinner Party: “Make sure you have an empty dishwasher to make the clean-up easier and avoid your guests feeling they need to help.”

• How to Get Your Partner into the Kitchen: “Always make sure to praise him for the amazing meal he helped to make, because as us women know, man’s ego can always use a little attention!”

In a short video introducing herself and the blog, the excitable blonde reveals, “I do have some hidden treasures about Louise Pillidge, I love Buffy The Vampire Slayer, I’ve travelled the world by myself and I’m obsessed with Starbucks!”

She also promises that her blog will be filled with plenty of “love” and “inspiration for life”.

Pillidge is the latest in a lengthy list of Australian female celebs to try her hand at a lifestyle blog. Kyle Clarke launched Lyfestyled in 2014, Bec Judd started up Rebecca Judd Loves (RJL) in 2012, Nadia Bartel owns The Chronicles of Nadia, and fellow Bachelor beauty Anne Heinrich launched Love Always Anna Heinrich earlier this year.

Things seem to be going swimmingly for last season’s Bachelor couple a year on from Pillidge leaving behind her Brisbane home to move in with Garvey in Perth.

Despite declaring their love for one another to the world 12 months ago, she says they aren’t planning on tying the knot anytime soon.

“We are building a life together, sharing it, experiencing fun things and looking for some normality in our lives, ” Pillidge told back in March.

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There are many places where one could find ABC News in Australia. One could view ABC News online at their official website from this location and many other locations in the world.

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