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American semiconductor company Qualcomm just announced its new flagship chip, the Snapdragon 820 that will in all probably power your next superphone. There’s a small catch though. The company has already said that the Snapdragon 810 and 808 will remain

After what seems like the longest period ever beta, Google has finally passed the Gmail ” Undo Send ” option in the laboratory in a permanent location . When you select Cancel, you are able to ” unsend

Facebook’s released Global Government Requests Report, on Tuesday for the first time, where offered details on official requests from 74 countries 38, 000 Facebook users from the world. The most requests, wanting for details information on between 20, 000 and 21, 000 users

Twitter adds tweet keywords for advertisers to make it easier and get targeting users attention. Our Twitter can now show up ads depending on specific targeting keywords by using recent tweets. So its opened a new possibilities in internet marketing

The mail, drive file storage service and office-application service were “disrupted” showed at the Google’s apps status dashboard. Its admin control panel lets companies control their Google applications, was fully down. The disturbances was started upsetting people

Last night, while everyone was busy tweeting about TV shows, Google quietly introduced Google Nose, a new feature that allows you to smell your search results from your computer “by intersecting photos with infra-sound waves.” Or did they? Some of

Based on the successful operations of other authoritative sites, like Wikipedia, Squidoo will now apply nofollow markup to all outbound links. The biggest one is that in the next few days, all links on all lenses will be nofollow. This means

Google has declared that it will be closing down the Google Reader service this 30th June at 11:59 PM. Speaking through their company blog, a spokesman said, there are two simple reasons that Google is closing the service: “Usage of has

Facebook declared a new version of News Feed that is designed to decrease confusion and focus more on stories from people you care about, the social networking company says. Among its new features is left-side navigation; new feeds for photos,

Nenuphar development bdBuzz : BD Comics Manga
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