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Montana Tech student newspaper

Student   Union   Building   (SUB)

Montana Tech of the University

The Student Union was completed in 1958. The SUB was designed to be a center for student activities, and provide a variety of lounge areas. As the student body grew, the college found it necessary to expand the building. In 1969, students voted in favor of an addition to the building and remodeling began in 1971. Charles A. Kestle, project architect and Butte native, designed the building to accommodate dining facilities for 225 people, a new game room, student office space, and the Bookstore.

The Student Union Building continues to be a center for activities and services. Renovated in 1983 and again in 1998, the building now houses the Marcus Deli cafeteria, conference rooms, study areas, a computer lab, a shipping center, Central Duplicating, the Digger Card Center, Health Center, Technocrat (student newspaper), KMSM Radio Station, Associated Students of Montana Tech (ASMT) offices, and the Student Activities offices. The total cost of the SUB has been over $1.1 million, with student fees contributing to 28% of the total cost.

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How can I read an article from 1977 in a Montana newspaper.

You can get an old issue in a library.

What is the name of the newspapers for Kalispell Montana.

The name of the local paper is Northwest Montana Daily Inter Lake.

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