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How to Start a Newsletter (with Sample Newsletters)

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Define the goal of your newsletter. Are you doing it just for fun? To make money? To draw new visitors to your website? To advertise your products and services? To educate? To inform? The newsletter's purpose will influence how it's written and distributed.



Identify the content you intend to print. What topic are you addressing, and how broad will your coverage of it be? Since newsletters come in various forms, there is a variety of subjects you can cover.Image titled Start a Newsletter Step 2 Online newsletters can apply to online communities or groups, and print newsletters can apply to a company or town or a school.


Identify the target audience. Who are they and what do they want to know? How will the newsletter serve them? If you are writing for teenagers, for example, make sure that your writing style is appropriate. If you are writing for a company, likewise, make sure your style is professional and applicable to the work environment.


Determine your production schedule. You need to know how long it will take to write and edit content and set it up in the newsletter.


Image titled Start a Newsletter Step 3 Determine how many people you need to get started. At the onset, you probably won't have many people to help you. And in today's technologically-advanced world, you can probably handle most of it yourself. If your production schedule (from the previous step) is more frequent than every two weeks, you probably need at least 2-3 people to help you.


Determine how your newsletter will be published. If it is online, make sure you have an email mailing list or a website to post the content. If it is printed, determine if you are mailing the newsletter or placing in a public location. Printed newsletter also require a printer of some sort, whether its your LaserJet at home or a professional printer.


Get working. The key to getting your newsletter off the ground is to actually get publishing. Whether online or in print, it's important that you stick to your production schedule. If you find that you have enough content and manpower to publish more frequently, make sure your readers understand the change up front.

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