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Trimble Tech High School News

Posted on May 28, 2015 – 08:34 am


Thurs. Dec. 17, and Fri., Dec. 18, 2015, 7:00 p.m.

Placed 1st & 2nd on written exam

From students in Ann Wood's Digital & Interactive Media classes

Dress Up According to Holiday Themes

Sign Laptop Agreement & Pay your $15 at school or online

Dec. 15, 16, 17

Get into the holiday spirit and dress up!

Photography teacher Shannon Oden already has some finalists!

Mrs. Brenda Williams' Fashion Design students make bow ties for faculty members.

Dr. Szyndler's students participate in FIRST Tech Challenge

Congratulations to all who have read more than one million words this semester!

Deadline: Friday, Dec. 18, 2015

The Fort Worth ISD and Lockheed Martin awarded 743 Academic Sweatshirts to deserving students on Thursday, December 17, 2015 at the Fort Worth... (cont'd)

All incoming 8th graders must apply

Tues., Dec. 15, 2015

Pierre Evans, Business Coach with Re-Empower LLC

Singing, interpretive dancing, saxophone duet, and much more!

Tie #1 winners: Team 1 and Team 2

Images created by Ann Wood's Digital & Interactive Media Classes

Fort Worth, Texas – Fort Worth ISD Superintendent Dr. Kent Scribner is mailing a letter to the homes of all FWISD students, urging families... (cont'd)

Get form from Joseph Flink's Office-Due on Dec. 3

What: Fort Worth ISD Family Academy When and Where: November 18 11:45-12:45pm Handley MS 2800 Patino Rd. 76112 November 19 11:45-12:45pm Monnig MS... (cont'd)

TODAY: Presented by Tech's Engineering Teacher Dr. Stephen Szyndler

Nov. 11, 2015

Sponsored by Blue Zones Project and FitWorth

Cheering for our Playoff-Bound Bulldogs!

Mountaincow Mountaincow PrintingPress 6.0 Invitation Printing Software, Personal Edition (Windows)
Software (Mountaincow)
  • Works with any stationery, any Windows PC, any printer (both inkjet and laser), any font, any graphic, any digital photo. Easily match layout for flat cards, folded...
  • Create unique Mailing Lists for each project so you can print individually-addressed envelopes without difficult mail merges. Address envelopes, inner envelopes...
  • Stationery editor with zoom, accented characters, superscripts and fractions. Typeset text using any font, size and color, bold, italic, underline, super/subscript...
  • Add photos and scale, flip, rotate, fade border, crop and make semi-transparent. Float images over the main text area of a card, envelope or place card. Browse to...
  • NEW! thumbnail image and project views, search for images, add floating images over the text to position anywhere, sample color from images to make text color match...
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