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Lots of digital natives have turned to social feeds like Twitter to keep up with the daily flow of tech news, but if you rely solely on social media then you can miss some of the most important stories when you're not looking. To help you filter out the noise and catch the top tech stories, I produce a daily newsletter that goes out to over 100, 000 of my closest friends in tech.

In writing the Tech Sanity Check blog, I look for the big developments and the most important trends. I don't usually spend my time reporting the news. Instead, I constantly scan the headlines and read a ton of articles looking for the next big thing. Since I've constantly got my head in the news every day and I'm always trying to sort out the stuff worth reading, I enjoy pulling together my list of the critical stories to watch.

Give the Tech Sanity Check newsletter a try. I'm committed to making it a worthwhile read every day. You can click the link above to sign up immediately (if you're already logged in to TechRepublic) or follow the steps below to subscribe:

  1. Scroll down to the "IT Pro Updates" section
  2. Find "Tech Sanity Check" in that list and click the check box to the left
  3. Scroll down and click the "Save changes" button
  4. You'll receive a confirmation email that you have been subscribed

Below is a quick preview (of the top) of what it the actual newsletter will look like when it lands in your inbox.

Mountaincow Mountaincow PrintingPress 6.0 Invitation Printing Software, Personal Edition (Windows)
Software (Mountaincow)
  • Works with any stationery, any Windows PC, any printer (both inkjet and laser), any font, any graphic, any digital photo. Easily match layout for flat cards, folded...
  • Create unique Mailing Lists for each project so you can print individually-addressed envelopes without difficult mail merges. Address envelopes, inner envelopes...
  • Stationery editor with zoom, accented characters, superscripts and fractions. Typeset text using any font, size and color, bold, italic, underline, super/subscript...
  • Add photos and scale, flip, rotate, fade border, crop and make semi-transparent. Float images over the main text area of a card, envelope or place card. Browse to...
  • NEW! thumbnail image and project views, search for images, add floating images over the text to position anywhere, sample color from images to make text color match...
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