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IntroductionIngressus can be integrated with multiple auxiliary inputs and outputs. One of the main safety features of Ingressus is that it can be combined with smoke sensors in an event of fire to trigger alarm alert and to open all doors of your premise(s) simultaneously.
Benefits By tapping on this configuration, Ingressus will open selected doors when the fire alarm is triggered either from the first Ingressus or from the second Ingressus. It is crucial to get the people affected clearing the areas when the controllers detect smoke.
1. The Ingressus must be activated first before the “Zones” feature appears in “Device” tab.

2. Add both Ingressus into the Zones by selecting the “Fire Alarm” options > Add Zone > Add
Settings to Device.

3. Configure both Ingressus in Fire Alarm feature and make sure the Fire Alarm Action is set
correctly. Auxiliary 1 and Auxiliary 2 must be selected as the Output Point Address. The Lock
1 and Lock 2 must also be selected in order for the system to open doors when the fire
alarm is triggered. 4. After configuring the Fire Alarm, the settings must be saved and synced to the Ingressus for
the changes to be reflected.

5. You can refer to the wiring diagram for both the Ingressus with its Auxiliary input and Output

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