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Introducing TechCrunch’s Seven New Weekly Newsletters, Because Email Won’t Die

Many have tried to kill email, but no one has succeeded. In fact, email is making a comeback, especially as it relates to newsletters and mobile reading habits. After seeing massive growth on our daily newsletter over the past year, we decided to rethink the product and see what else we could offer to our die-hard readers. The biggest takeaways were that we needed better segmentation options and a fresh look. With this in mind, we’re excited to make two big announcements on the newsletter front.

Some readers come to TechCrunch to read about startups. Others come to TechCrunch to read about mobile apps. Some just want the latest in social media or gadget news. We wanted to give you the ability to get the best stories from the categories and topics you care about the most. So we decided to launch seven new weekly newsletters. The weekly newsletters are delivered on Sunday and highlight the top 7-10 stories in each category. The new weekly newsletters are:

  • TC Week-In-Review
  • Europe Week-In-Review
  • Asia Week-In-Review
  • Gadgets Week-In-Review
  • Mobile and Apps Week-In-Review
  • Startups Week-In-Review
  • Social Media Week-In-Review

The newsletters sport a fresh new look and design. The main focus was on delivery speed and ensuring easy reading on mobile devices. You’ll notice we stripped the story image thumbnails from the newsletters on mobile. This was intentional. We didn’t want to use up your data plan and make sure the newsletters loaded as fast as possible. We also redesigned the header to match the (not-so-recent) site redesign.

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