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Many of you have been asking us for advanced computer help, tips, or just some basic instructions on how to be a geek. So we've created "Tech Tips" to give you the computer information you need to keep you on the cutting edge. Our goal is to deliver useful computer related tips to geeks of all types-whether you're a techno-rookie or a Geek veteran.

Tech Tips Community

Computer Geeks is more than just a great source for computer gear and consumer electronics, we're also a community of tech-enthusiasts excited about teaching and helping others learn. We've developed Tech Tips because we believe that by providing our guests with tutorials, instructions, directions, and other learning tools they need to become educated consumers, they'll keep coming back.

More than Computer Info

Although Tech Tips is new, our goal is to have informative and educational advice for all of our product categories. Every week we send out a new Tech Tip Newsletter to our email subscribers and then a week later, we post it on our site. We are also adding other “how to” computer hardware information articles regularly to our site, so that we can be the expert resource for computers, laptops, consumer electronics, gaming and more for the tech community. wants to be your source for computer information, computer help and computer tips!

Tech Tips Archives

We now have too many articles to put onto one page, so we've consolidated them into 5 sections: Computer, Computer Parts, Consumer Electronics, Networking, and Other. By clicking on one of these links, you will find informative articles related to that topic. We also offer the Tech Tips articles in printable PDF forms.

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For those interested in linking to any of our Computer related articles, we're happy to share this information. However, if you do post our articles in print, we do ask that you credit If you post our articles online, we ask that you use cite quotes in your HTML. For example, in your HTML, insert: Tech Tips Article -

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