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21 Great Ideas For Your Next Company Newsletter

businesswoman reading newsletterA regular newsletter is a great way to keep in touch with your customers and wider target audience. I don’t know about you, but I am constantly subscribing to new email newsletters to help me keep up to date and inspired. It can quickly become overwhelming, though.

To ensure my email inbox doesn’t buckle under the strain, I am also constantly unsubscribing from newsletters that don’t have me hooked.

One of the biggest challenges business owners face when it comes to creating an engaging newsletter is what to write about.

If writing your company newsletter is a chore, here are 21 content ideas to help you make each newsletter a ‘must read’.

  1. An intro letter from the business owner. That might be you! Talk about some of the big news since the last newsletter or talk about things to come – but make it personal.
  2. Tips and hints to help your audience. Helping your readers should be at the top of your list so include some free advice in each newsletter.
  3. Industry news. When you keep your audience connected with what’s happening in your industry as a whole, you’ll become a valuable resource to your subscribers.
  4. Relevant blogs and articles. You aren’t the only source of information and sharing relevant and interesting articles from around the world will help boost your newsletter as a great source of information.
  5. Market analysis and reviews. Provide some insight or review products and tools that your audience might consider using.
  6. Coming events. If you attend regular events or you host regular events, your newsletter is perfect place to let your network know.
  7. Interviews and profiles. Interview leaders in your industry and share their thoughts with your newsletter readers.
  8. Profile staff members and departments. Help to put a name and a face to the team members in your business by including a profile in your latest newsletter.
  9. Link to recent blog posts. If you have a blog and a newsletter, include a roundup of your recent blog posts. This will not only help you reuse content, but also, you will drive traffic to your blog.
  10. Promote specials and deals. Reward your subscribers by giving them first dibs on any special deals you are running.
  11. Company news. This is further down the list than you might expect but your newsletter is a great place to share your triumphs including awards, new contracts, new staff and so on.
  12. Case studies. A case study talks about how your business solved a problem and it’s great newsletter content.
  13. Things you love/that inspire you. This goes back to adding a personal element to your company newsletter. You could include images, music, articles or stories that inspire you.
  14. Book reviews. Your audience have subscribed to receive your newsletter so they might also be interested in the books you’ve read recently.
  15. Spotlight on a product or service. This is a gentle way to introduce products and services to your readers, without a hard sell.
  16. Jokes, quotes, and fun images. Showing the lighter side of your business adds a quirky, personal touch to your newsletter...
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I'd look at and see if you can find where they get their info. Also check out Bloomberg and Reuters and the Associated Press. A lot of times if you read their stories, they'll have something like "Joe Smith, an analyst with Petroleum News Associates says..."

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